Man Buys 1941 Chevy For The Emotional Connection

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We love a good sentimental car story!

If you’re like us, whenever you drive through rural areas you notice old cars sitting in fields or by barns. Art Stevens must be the same way, because in 2015 the guy zeroed in on a 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe parked in a field with a “for sale” sign in the window. Stevens was driving his semi-truck at the time, but he still pulled over to inquire about the car to which he felt a deep sentimental attachment.

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You see, Stevens had learned to drive in his dad’s 1941 Chevy, which was just like the car advertised for sale. However, the owner wanted more than Stevens was willing to pay. Over the course of a year, the truck driver would stop and talk to the vehicle owner whenever he was in the area. Finally, they agreed to a selling price and Stevens was able to relive many fond memories.

It didn’t take long for the man to get the Chevy running. A mere 15 minutes after getting it off the trailer, he had the six-cylinder engine humming, proving the durability of the design. From there, two of the man’s sons along with a lifelong friend of his worked to restore the classic car. This is the thing so many non-gearheads don’t understand. They think people who love cars hate people, that they brood alone in their garage. Maybe they knew someone like that, but such a person is more of the exception than the rule. Working with friends and family on getting an old classic in good shape is a tremendous bonding experience. It also teaches patience, attention to detail, self-reliance, and dedication to a long-term goal.


Now the ’41 Chevy looks fantastic and runs great. However, Stevens does admit it has a Ford rear. That’s ok, plenty of classic Fords have a Chevy crate engine. We love seeing stories like these in the news, because it helps portray the human side of car collecting, especially when it’s just everyday people enjoying each other’s company.

Images credit: The Herald-Times

Source: The Herald-Times

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