Man Does Dukes Of Hazzard Jump In Stolen Truck

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Man Does Dukes Of Hazzard Jump In Stolen Truck
Man Does Dukes Of Hazzard Jump In Stolen Truck

Many people have been inspired by the high-flying stunts featured in The Dukes of Hazzard television show. While all those cool jumps over rivers and such sure were entertaining, what a lot of viewers don’t know is they were responsible for the destruction of a shocking number of Dodge Chargers. That’s why you shouldn’t attempt that sort of thing on your own.

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But one man in Spotsylvania County, Virginia did just that in a stolen truck. And while it was an accidental thing, it seems the sheriff’s department got a little chuckle out of what’s otherwise a serious situation.


In a press release, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office says 42-year-old Keith Lee Brinkley stole a Ford pickup truck from the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center a little before 8 am on April 10. While driving away from the scene of the crime, the guy for whatever reason decided to drive on the shoulder of southbound Patriot Highway right before a bridge.

If we have to explain to you that driving on the shoulder of a road is dangerous, you really shouldn’t be driving a vehicle. And everyone knows it’s extra stupid to do that right as the road is about to go over a bridge.

But Brinkley apparently wasn’t supposed to be driving at all since he reportedly had a revoked license and had been cited for driving on it eight times before. Yes, eight times he was caught driving after being banned from public roads.

When he launched the truck off the shoulder and into the Ni River, it apparently looked like The Dukes of Hazzard just with a Ford tuck and without the graceful landing thanks to Hollywood magic.

Somehow, Brinkley wasn’t seriously injured in the crash but he is facing a whole string of charges. He’s currently being held in jail with no bond.

Images via Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office/Facebook