Man explains benefits of travel agents to Gen Z

Before the internet became a vital part of everyday life, people did things like finding information on a subject, getting a person’s contact information and booking trips in person — and potentially needed a helping hand.

A travel agent (@travelagentandy) on TikTok reintroduced the concept of booking a vacation through someone else rather than doing it on your own and opened a lot of people’s eyes.

“It feels like millennials and Gen Z are just now starting to catch onto the fact that travel agents like myself still exist in the world,” he said. Travel Agent Andy acknowledged that some people would rather book through third-party sites like Expedia but explained the benefits of using a travel agent.


“If you have a hotel in mind that you wanna book and you wanna book through me, it’s completely free,” he said. “When you book through third-party websites, you’re actually marked to the hotel as a budget traveler, so they’re not going to do anything extra to woo you.”

This information shocked many people in the comments, who wondered how travel agents make money if the service is free.

“Travel agents collect commission on any bookings that are made,” Andy said in a separate video. “There are some agents and agencies that collect money upfront just to make sure you are serious about booking, …but that’s only some. I’d say the majority of agents in general are free to work with.”

TikToker @savcrumley asked, “How do we go about finding someone thats good in our area?”

Andy explained in another video that instead of focusing on how local the agent is, people should look for agents with expertise in the desired location.

Travel Agent Andy’s most recent video received over 2 million views, and across the 3,600 and more comments, it seems like the general knowledge about travel agents has just gone up.

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