Man travels three towns to spite upscale sporting club: ‘I aspire to be his level of petty’

A woman on TikTok has rallied viewers around her husband after sharing a story of the lengths he went to be petty.

Taylor Capuano (@taylorcapuano1) shared how she told her husband he had to choose a new sport of leisure after he broke his face playing basketball.

“I was like, ‘I can’t keep driving you to urgent care every time you get back from basketball, so you need to pick up a new sport,’” she told her husband.

Her husband, Craig (@craigfromynot), was a former tennis player, so he decided to start playing paddle tennis. However, when he went to sign up at a local tennis club, he was turned away.


“He walks into the Fairfield Tennis Racket Beach Club, whatever, and he asked about the paddle program,” his wife said. “They said, ‘Why don’t you try parks and rec?’ Aka, this is too expensive for you, [and] you don’t belong.”

Craig didn’t appreciate that, so he traveled three towns over to join a YMCA paddle program — despite having a local YMCA closer to him — because that specific team would play the organization that turned him away.

Viewers took to the comments to express their support for her husband and his dedication to pettiness.

“I aspire to be his level of petty,” said @adogface.

“80s movie plot. We 100% need a montage of him training for the big tournament,” replied @nilsmemmedov.

While we didn’t get a training montage for her husband, she quickly provided an update.

“They were in the top tier bracket but lost,” she said. “So they didn’t end up actually getting to play the snobs. But stay tuned. He is not giving up. He is very spiteful and petty.”

Without the chance to play his new rivals, commenters continued to root for her husband.

“I’m invested and following for the redemption story,” said @koolkidstabl3.

Capuano hasn’t provided an update for when the next paddle tennis tournament is, but if these videos are any indication, don’t be shocked to see a part two to this story.

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