Maserati to Overhaul Lineup, but Won't Confirm End Dates for Sedans

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Maserati to Overhaul Lineup, Ghibli May Be DroppedMaserati

CLARIFICATION 9/7/2023: This story has been updated with clarification that while the V-8 powertrain is being discontinued and the current V-6 used in the Ghibli and Levante is likely to suffer the same fate, both nameplates will live on at least through the end of their current product lifecycles.

There are some big changes happening at Maserati. The storied Italian automaker today confirmed to Car and Driver that production of the Quattroporte will soon conclude and both the Ghibli and Levante could be in for major powertrain changes before those models end their current lifecycle.

Making Funeral Arrangements

The Quattroporte and Ghibli are currently the only sedans that Maserati sells, and they're accompanied by a recently redesigned GranTurismo sports car, the newly introduced Grecale compact SUV, and the Levante mid-size SUV in the automaker's lineup.


While the Ghibli and Levante are said to be continuing on through the end of their lifecycle, the engines that power them are subject to change. With production ending on the V-8 and likely also the current Ferrari-built V-6, we suspect Maserati is planning to drop its newer "Nettuno" twin-turbo V-6 that debuted with the MC20 sports car under the hoods of those models.

While Maserati has yet to officially announce plans to discontinue the Levante, we believe it'll exit the lineup following the 2024 or 2025 model year, to be replaced by a second generation of the mid-size crossover. We suspect the Ghibli will be phased out completely and not return with a new generation as the company continues to push its lineup even more upmarket and as sedan sales continue to lull.

The company has already confirmed that 2024 will be the final model year where a V-8 is available in any of its models, as the engine's production will cease by the end of 2023. However, it will continue to be offered on '24 versions of the Ghibli 335 Ultima and the Levante V8 Ultima. Unfortunately, there is no V-8–powered Quattroporte Ultima model.

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The Ferrari-built V-6 is likely to meet the same fate as the V-8. While the six-cylinder will soldier on and continue to be built in 2024 for the Levante GT and Modena and the Ghibli Modena Q4, the company told Car and Driver it will update us regarding the end of production of the engine when those details are official, further fueling our speculation that the Levante and Ghibli will receive a new powertrain.

Future Quattroporte?

Despite today's news, the Maserati Quattroporte might not be gone for long. That's because we believe the next generation of the luxury sports sedan is on the way, as first reported by Autocar. The new QP is expected to serve as Maserati's sole sedan offering, and it could arrive in the U.S. for the 2025 model year. It'll likely be a stretched version of the GranTurismo, which means it should offer a twin-turbo V-6 as well as an 800-plus-hp electric powertrain. Obviously, don't expect a V-8 version.

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