We May Get One More Fast & Furious Movie

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We May Get One More Fast & Furious MovieGabe Ginsberg - Getty Images

The Fast & Furious franchise is winding down, with this month's Fast X billed as the first part of a grand finale. Initially, it was believed that would be a two-part finale. However, new quotes from face of the franchise and noted family-haver Vin Diesel suggest that the two-parter could be stretched into three separate films.

Variety reports that Diesel made the claim during a discussion at the film's premiere in Rome, on the event's red carpet. The star of xXx: Return of Xander Cage says that he was asked ahead of Fast X to wrap the series up with a two-part finale. Upon actually seeing the movie, the studio then asked for a third concluding film. While he would not confirm whether or not that actually means a twelfth Fast film will be made, Diesel cut the interview short after saying just about everything but a confirmation that the studio's request would be fulfilled.

Fast X is the tenth installment of the franchise, which famously started as Point Break-style cat-and-mouse story before pivoting to car heists in space. Filming may have required a surprising change in direction and frustrated some local Angelinos, but the movie was completed and a trailer was shared back in February, The latest film comes out later this week and the scheduled 11th installment is set for 2025, but the studio has not yet revealed whether or not a 12th installment will happen or when that would-be finale could see theaters.

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