Mazda Says It Could Make the Iconic SP Hybrid Miata-Sized

mazda iconic sp
Mazda Says It Could Make the Iconic SP Miata-SIzedMazda

When Mazda revealed the two-roto hybrid Iconic SP sports car, everyone wanted to know if it signaled the plan for the next Miata. But the Iconic SP is 10 inches longer than the current Miata, four inches wider, and, at 3197 lbs, over 800 lbs heavier than the ND Miata. According to Mazda, though, shrinking it down to Miata-sized wouldn't be too hard.

Chief Designer Masashi Nakayama told Automotive News Europe that the concept is intentionally vague about what nameplate it represents. It has a hard top and a rotary powertrain like the RX-8, but two seats like a Miata. And while the sizing is bigger than a Miata in most dimensions, it isn't as tall as the ND. With 365 hp from its hybrid setup, it's also far more potent than either the 181-hp ND2 or the 232-hp RX-8. Either way, Nakayama tells Automotive News Europe that the Iconic SP is oversized as a show car and could easily be shrunk to Miata proportions.

If Mazda did shrink it down, we'd still expect a noticeable increase in curb weight over the ND Miata. A two-rotor setup doesn't have to be heavy, but adding in a battery and an unclear number of electric motors is bound to pack on some pounds. But the setup can run on hydrogen, liquified petroleum gas, or biofuel, and still makes 365 hp. It's not as simple as the current Miata's 2.0, but if it keeps the Miata going for another generation we're all for it.

Via Motor1.

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