McDonald’s Plymouth Barracuda Offers Free Burgers

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McDonald’s Plymouth Barracuda Offers Free Burgers
McDonald’s Plymouth Barracuda Offers Free Burgers

A lot of people have been noticing the price of McDonald’s menu items edging higher and higher over the past four years. To create some positive buzz, the national fast food chain is giving people an interesting way to enter to win free burgers for a year, just for spotting the Hamburglar’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda as he road trips across America.

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Yes, the Hamburgler who pretty much disappeared from McDonald’s marketing for years, is back and he’s driving an old Mopar that’s been customized using his iconic black and white stripes, plus some red and yellow splashed in there for fun.

Anyone who happens to spot the Plymouth as it’s tooling around their town can follow it, then scan a code on the carto enter to sweepstakes for free burgers for a year. It’s an interesting way to create some buzz and definitely shows that Americans still love a good muscle car, despite what some automotive sites keep trying to claim.

This Barracuda has a few more customizations because of course it does. One is a burger warmer in the center console. We could make a joke about how long your now more expensive sandwich from the golden arches probably sits in something similar before you get it, but that would be lowbrow.


While not everyone will win free burgers for a year, scanning the code can get you rewards like gift cards, Hamburglar-themed swag, and that warm squishy feeling you get whenever you see a celebrity car.

McDonald’s wants everyone to call this Mopar the “Burgercuda” but we think that’s blasphemous. We also know this is just a thin veneer to cover up not only higher menu prices but other controversial moves made by the chain recently and while we appreciate the car to an extent, it’s not going to be enough to make everyone forget those woes.

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