McLaren 650S Spider Crashes Leaving Cars And Coffee In Malibu

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McLaren 650S Spider Crashes Leaving Cars And Coffee In Malibu
McLaren 650S Spider Crashes Leaving Cars And Coffee In Malibu

It’s a time-honored tradition among some in the hobby to do a burnout or a high-speed flyby while leaving car meets. Not everyone is a fan of the practice since it’s earned a number of gatherings, both large and small, an official cancellation by property owners and cities. Plus, we’ve seen a number of wrecks from drivers who just can’t control their ride but so want to impress the crowd, like this guy in a McLaren 650S Spider.

Someone bought actor Michael B. Jordan’s wrecked Ferrari 812 Superfast.

The McLaren crash in question happened at the Malibu Cars and Coffee on April 7. For obvious reasons, the video is start to spread. After all, how often do you see someone wreck such a beautiful sports car?


In the footage shared to YouTube, we hear the 650S coming before it blasts past the cameraman who’s standing on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway. Obviously, the McLaren driver didn’t understand how his car handled under WOT because it suddenly veers into the flexible bollards in the median.

Rather than throttle steer his way out of it, the driver lifts his foot off the accelerator, transferring the weight from the rear to the front tires, and veers into a line of cars parked on the side of the PCH. The crowd gasps as they can’t believe what they just witnessed and caught on camera.

Just like in so many other car meet crashes, the crowd rushes over to marvel at the damage and film it. Some of them laugh at the misfortune of the McLaren driver and the owners of the other cars.

This is why enthusiasts need to stop showboating while leaving car meets. We know the crowd encourages it, in part because it’s exciting and in part because some of them have social media accounts they want to post cool videos of cars ripping it on, but this sort of thing is how meets get shut down permanently.

Plus, it’s a good way to wreck your otherwise collectable ride.

Image via PWR2WH8/YouTube

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