McLaren 720S Crashes After Losing Drag Race to BMW X3 M

mclaren 720s crashed against hay bales
McLaren 720S Crashes After Losing Drag Race to X3Mamgmedia_ / TikTok

This McLaren 720S driver's day went from bad to worse after they crashed their car into a hay bale right after losing a drag race against a BMW X3 M, a video published to TikTok shows.

While the 720S was certainly the more powerful of the two vehicles, superior AWD grip and an iffy surface meant the X3 M was able to walk away from the mid-engine supercar during what looked to be a runway event that happened earlier in February somewhere outside York, a city in central England.

The McLaren driver seemed to misjudge the end of the drag strip and neglected to brake in time before slamming into a row of haybale barriers, judging by video taken from inside the BMW. It doesn't appear any injuries occurred as a result of the impact.


Video taken from the aftermath shows McLaren parts scattered alongside the wrecked car, which seemed to have its fascia pushed in as a result of the impact. We're sure that won't be cheap to fix.

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