The McLaren 720S GT3X Is Another Incredible Track Toy

Photo credit: McLaren
Photo credit: McLaren

From Autoweek

  • Takes the already capable McLaren 720s GT3 and throws out power-limiting GT3 rules.

  • Nearly 200 hp more than the standard 720S GT3 while weighing 400 pounds less than the road-going 720S.

  • McLaren is offering technical support for the buyer’s first outing at a race track.

Motorsport is a great excuse for automakers to show what their road cars can do without all of those pesky road-going regulations. Unfortunately, in the name of safety and parity, race cars have to meet the requirements of sanctioning bodies to enter those races. That’s fine, especially considering the cars still crush their domesticated cousins. When an automaker takes their race-ready machine and lifts various class homologation requirements, however, you generally get something really special. That’s exactly how the McLaren 720S GT3X looks.

The folks at McLaren have taken the already competent 720S GT3 racing machine and made it even better. The biggest change from the standard 720S GT3 is the power. This 720S GT3X’s turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 makes 197 more horsepower than the GT3 car. While that power is about the same as what you’d find in the road-going 720S, the 720S GT3X weighs a scant 2,668 pounds, or 440 pounds less than the standard 720S. And this weight savings includes the standard-issue roll cage.

The obvious downside of privately owning a race car that doesn’t meet the rules of any sanctioning body is that this is essentially a track toy. That said, there’s nothing wrong with owning a track toy, especially a track toy of this caliber. Helping you make the most of your purchase, the folks at McLaren will give technical support to the owner at this machine’s first outing. If you’re unfamiliar with what it takes to get your track toy set up, and don’t have your own army of race engineers, this could be hugely beneficial.

Something as exotic as this McLaren won’t be cheap. How much? Well, McLaren hasn’t said, but it’s safe to assume we can’t afford one.

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