McLaren Set Ablaze with Pizza Boxes in Sydney

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McLaren Set Ablaze with Pizza Boxes in Sydney
McLaren Set Ablaze with Pizza Boxes in Sydney

In a weird act of vandalism, a McLaren supercar was set on fire using pizza boxes in a quiet Sydney neighborhood, captivating both local residents and authorities. The incident, captured on surveillance footage by 7News Australia, occurred during the evening hours as the luxury vehicle sat parked along a roadside.

Image via 7NEWS Australia/YouTube
Image via 7NEWS Australia/YouTube

The footage shows a hooded man holding an umbrella, presumably to conceal his activities, approaching the McLaren. He is seen lighting empty pizza boxes on fire and methodically placing them under the supercar's front bumper. Despite the seemingly rudimentary method, the fire quickly engulfed the McLaren, rendering the vehicle a total loss as the perpetrator vanished into the night.


Local residents attempted to extinguish the flames using garden hoses, but the fire had already grown too intense to be controlled by such means. The car was reported to have been insured, providing some relief amidst the shocking event.

Speculation abounds regarding the motive behind this arson. Some suggest that the act was driven by resentment towards the ostentatious display of wealth, as the McLaren represents a high-status asset. Others speculate it could be an environmental statement against high-pollution vehicles, though this remains unconfirmed. There are also theories suggesting the fire might have been set due to a dispute over the car's parking or even as an "inside job" by the owner, who had listed the vehicle for sale just three days prior to the incident.

The owner had possessed the McLaren for nearly two years before it was listed for sale, and rumors suggest financial difficulties may have played a role in the decision to allegedly orchestrate the fire.

As investigations continue, police are actively searching for the arsonist responsible for this act. The community remains on alert, hoping for a resolution to this unsettling episode.

Images via 7NEWS Australia/YouTube

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