McLaren's Racing Heritage Highlighted by Iconic M1A's Historic Journey

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It stopped by Jay Leno's Garage.

The story of McLaren's ascent in the world of motorsports is one of innovation, vision, and success, a narrative that began long before the legendary F1 supercar captured the world's attention in the 1990s. Founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963, the company initially made its mark in racing with cars from Cooper, leveraging Bruce's experience as a driver for the team. This foundation laid the groundwork for McLaren's own ventures into race car manufacturing.

The turning point came with the acquisition of the Cooper-Zerex from Roger Penske in early 1964, a vehicle that not only competed under McLaren's banner but also served as a vital learning tool for the team's future projects. Sold at auction in 2022 for approximately $1 million, this modified Cooper marked the beginning of McLaren's journey toward developing its proprietary race cars.