Meagan Good Hangs Up On NLE Choppa As He Tries To Court Her

NLE Choppa has had his eye on Meagan Good for some time, but the recently-divorced actress is not interested in his advances. Apparently, the Harlem star hung up on the Memphis rapper while he tried to spit some game.

The “Walk Em Down” artist was a guest on REVOLT’s The Jason Lee Show on Tuesday (March 22) and revealed his crush on the Cousin Skeeter star while playing a game of “Smash Or Pass.”

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“I been waiting on her! Yes!” Choppa enthusiastically stated when Good’s name was mentioned. Lee, in an effort to play matchmaker, took out his phone and gave the 41-year-old actress a call. “You got Meagan number?!” the 20-year-old asked. “Aye on me, I been wanting to take her on a dinner. I wanna get some roses planned. I wanted to do like some real – some sh*t I never did before for Meagan Good. You know, I could be a preacher, all that. Whatever she want me to be.”

Although it was a noble act on his end, things soon went south for his guest. Lee did his best, explaining the situation to Meagan and how NLE Choppa got a jolt of energy talking about her before passing him the phone. She politely greeted the young rapper and asked how he was doing, which the Top Shotta artist used as his opportunity to try and court her.

“I’m extremely blessed,” Choppa began. “Um, I was just telling—” he said before Meagan Good hung up the phone. It’s a tough break for the charismatic rapper, especially following his previous attempts to charm Ice Spice.

Choppa named a record after the Bronx rapper back in November and revealed to Lee that he would be interested in dating her. The “Munch (Feelin’ U)” rapper didn’t seem too pleased with the record, quote tweeting his promotion of the track and saying, “Ni**a feenin gotta play it cool.”

Watch NLE Choppa try to shoot his shot below.

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