Mechanic Finds Boa Constrictor Under Ford’s Hood

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Mechanic Finds Boa Constrictor Under Ford’s Hood
Mechanic Finds Boa Constrictor Under Ford’s Hood

We know mechanics have found all kinds of crazy animals, both alive and dead, in cars that have sat for a long time. But one mechanic in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina got quite the scare when he found a live, 8-foot albino boa constrictor under the hood of a Ford Focus that was being actively driven.

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It’s unknown exactly how the rather large, non-native snake ended up under the hood of the Focus, coiled around part of the engine. After a snake handler was called, the creature was gently collected.

The snake handler believes the boa is an escapee from its owner, noting it looks underfed. Perhaps it ended up chasing a rodent into the engine compartment? They’re known to sometimes go in there on parked cars to snack on wires or hide from predators.

Cars that sit for years on end can often become nests for rodents and even some other animals. That’s why when recovering a barn or field find vehicle, one has to exercise a certain level of caution since the unexpected might be uncovered. But with a Ford that was driven to the shop without any problems, one wouldn’t anticipate finding an 8-foot snake under the hood.


For now, the snake handler will care for the boa, waiting for the owner to come forward with some identifying info. If nobody steps forward, which it is possible the snake was released because the former owner could no longer care for it, the plan is to place it with a breeder.

If you find a snake or other animal in your car, the best thing to do is call for professional help. We’re told that even though boa constrictors aren’t venomous, their bite can cause serious damage.

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