Meet The Centenarian Who Still Restores Classic Cars

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Cliff Byfield can’t put the wrench down!

In a world where technology and trends are ever-changing, there are individuals who defy age and continue to pursue their passions with unwavering dedication. Meet Cliff Byfield, a remarkable centenarian who, at the age of 100, still breathes life into classic cars through his exceptional restoration skills. His love for automobiles and craftsmanship has not diminished over the years, and he serves as an inspiration to enthusiasts and aspiring restorers alike.

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From a young age, Cliff Byfield developed a deep fascination for classic cars. Growing up during a time when these vehicles were the epitome of elegance and style, he witnessed the birth of automotive icons that have now become treasures of the past. Cliff Byfield's passion for preserving automotive history and craftsmanship fueled his journey as a restorer.