Meet The Rezvani Beast X: A 700 Horsepower, 1,850 lb. Killer


The Rezvani Beast remains amazingly popular among Internet commenters (who will never buy one) and music artist Chris Brown (who did buy one). Effectively a reworked Ariel Atom with a futuristic bodykit, with a somewhat accessible price tag, the Beast became dubbed “America’s newest supercar.”

And now there’s a newer, more expensive one: the still-street-legal Beast X—a 700 horsepower monster.

700 is a huge number by any standards. But when you realize the Beast X tips the scales at just 1,850 lbs., half the weight of a Nissan GT-R, you get an idea as to how insane this thing must be.


The 2.4-liter motor boasts dual Borg Warner turbochargers, helping it hit 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Gloriously that savagery gets unleashed through a traditional 6-speed manual transmission, although a sequential with paddle shifts is also an option.


Additional downforce has been added over the base Beast, such as the split rear wing and specific side winglets. The front fascia has also been reworked for maximum aggression.


Only five Beast Xs will be produced, and that level of exclusivity—plus a barely imaginable power-to-weight ratio—ensures a price tag of $325,000. That’s a lot for what started life as an Ariel Atom, but then the same could be said for fellow American carmaker Hennessey’s $1.2 million Lotus-based Venom GT.

What’s undeniable, though, is that $325,000 will buy you an awful lot of speed. Just how all that speed will handle? Well, hopefully we’ll get to test it on track in the near future. Internet commenters deserve it.