Memphis Carjacker Threatens To Murder Child

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Memphis Carjacker Threatens To Murder Child
Memphis Carjacker Threatens To Murder Child

We’ve been sounding the alarm on rising carjacking rates for some time. While it’s bad enough when someone swipes your car while it’s parked, having someone take it at gunpoint is far worse. And the people who steal cars are often depraved enough they don’t care who they hurt, even small children. One mother in Memphis, Tennessee learned this the hard way.

Too many times kids are victims in carjackings.

The mother had just pulled into a parking spot at her sister’s apartment complex when several men in ski masks started tapping on her Jaguar F-Pace, ordering her out of the vehicle. She told WREG that the carjackers had pulled another car behind hers, blocking her in, a tactic we first saw in third world countries that’s now becoming increasingly common in the US.


But the woman refused to get out and let the armed carjackers, who were pointing guns at her, to take her luxury SUV. That’s when one opened the back door and pointed a gun right at the woman’s three-year-old daughter, saying he’d kill the child if she didn’t get out of the vehicle. These people are absolutely sick.

Realizing her daughter is worth infinitely more than the Jaguar, the woman grabbed her child and let the thieves have her vehicle and all her belongings, except for her phone that she hid away. She lost her wallet, house keys, and glasses in the process.

Reportedly, people saw the thieves joyriding in the Jaguar F-Pace later, hanging out the windows and waving their guns around. This is hardly a surprise since we’ve seen other gun-themed street takeovers in Memphis before.

The next day the Jaguar was recovered after it was abandoned. Police believe it wasn’t damaged, but we have doubts about that. Maybe it wasn’t trashed, but it surely wasn’t treated gently.

Memphis has a real carjacking problem, just like a lot of cities, and it seems to be just getting worse. Far too often we see people making excuses for criminals and treating them like victims, then wonder why crime is increasing. In the meantime, it sounds like this woman and especially her small child are traumatized after their lives were threatened over a vehicle.

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