Memphis Woman's Stolen Car Gets A Facelift, Just Not By Her

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Memphis Woman's Stolen Car Gets A Facelift, Just Not By Her
Memphis Woman's Stolen Car Gets A Facelift, Just Not By Her

Memphis, once known for its vibrant music scene and rich cultural heritage, has lately been making headlines for a different reason: a rising trend in car thefts. While many victims lament the loss of their vehicles, often never seeing them again, one resident, Samantha McCray, found herself in an unprecedented situation.

As McCray prepared to head to work, she was shocked to find her Nissan Maxima missing from its parking spot. A swift glance at her surveillance footage confirmed her worst fears: two vehicles had pulled up, and within moments, a thief had shattered her car's window, swiftly driving it away.


Fatal hit and run caught on doorbell camera.

"The sense of violation when you step out to find your hard-earned possession gone is indescribable," McCray voiced. Relying on the Memphis Police Department (MPD) for assistance, she patiently awaited updates, only to discover, after some personal sleuthing, that her car had been found but she was never informed.

In a bizarre twist, not only had the culprits repaired the window they'd broken, but they also detailed the car, reprogrammed her key, and put it up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, all within a day of the theft. The audacity of the act had McCray emphasizing, "Always be cautious. If a deal appears exceptionally lucrative, there's probably an underlying issue."

Compounding McCray's distress was another revelation. Although she'd been assured her car would be stored at MPD's impound lot sans any storage fees, it had been taken to Davenport Towing & Recovery because the designated police lot was already full. The outcome? An unplanned expense of over $300 for McCray to retrieve her own vehicle.

While McCray's ordeal had a somewhat positive outcome – she got her car back, after all – it underscores a deeper issue Memphis residents face. Vehicle thefts are not just about stolen cars but the emotional and financial strain they bring upon victims. McCray's story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance, security, and the need for law enforcement to ensure swift justice and better communication. As she puts it, "Recovering my car doesn't end the story. Accountability is crucial."

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