Men Faked Interest In Ferrari To Steal It

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Men Faked Interest In Ferrari To Steal It
Men Faked Interest In Ferrari To Steal It

Two men are in jail after they went to a person’s house in Kirkby in Ashfield ,Nottinghamshire, UK supposedly to buy a Ferrari which was listed for sale online. Instead, police say Mohammed Ali and Muhamed Juwara had the elaborate plan of pulling out a gun, then demanding the keys to the supercar.

Do people in Florida pull over for law enforcement?

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy car theft schemes, but this one is one of the more ridiculous least thought-out plans, probably because these guys thought it was best to keep it simple. This is also why we wouldn’t invite someone interested in buying our car over to our house but instead would meet somewhere very public.


Ali reportedly was the one who produced the gun and ordered the victim to put on handcuffs the duo brought along. However, the victim and his female partner fought back, the woman hitting the two thieves with a vase.

In the struggle, Ali allegedly took the woman’s phone as she tried calling police. Unsuccessful in stealing the Ferrari, the two would-be thieves instead fled. What these geniuses didn’t think about is that cops can track a stole cell phone. Police won’t say if that’s how they tracked these two down, but it wouldn’t surprise us.

When they caught up with the criminal masterminds, they found the gun used in the robbery attempt was in fact a replica and not a real, functioning firearm. Leave it to the Brits to not know the difference, although in all fairness in the heat of a moment like that most people just panic and don’t pay attention to details.

Police also concluded that Ali did a similar robbery back in July 2022. Juwara also reportedly has a criminal past. They both have already been sentenced for their crimes with Ali getting 18 years in jail and Juwara ordered to serve nine years in a “young offenders institution.”

Image via Nottinghamshire Police

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