Mercedes-Benz's Future Includes More EVs and Fewer EQs

2026 mercedes cla electric
Mercedes Future Plans Include More EVs, Fewer EQsIllustration by Avarvarii - Car and Driver
  • The MB.EA architecture will form the basis of future Mercedes EVs.

  • A battery-electric SL may arrive before the end of the decade.

  • The company will likely rid itself of its EQ line of EVs as its current crop of gas models go electric.

Big changes are afoot at Mercedes, where ultimate luxury is the new game plan. Look for the company to ditch low-margin models, such as the A-class, which was already dropped for the U.S. market. Wagons are also on the chopping block, meaning the new E-Class All-Terrain could be one of the last longroofs earmarked for America. Here's how the continuing shift to EVs will affect all parts of the Mercedes universe, from smaller models all the way up to the AMG and Maybach subbrands.

New Platforms, No More EQ Badging

mercedes benz concept cla class

Mercedes isn’t just focusing on its priciest models, and the company’s EV-­oriented MMA platform and EV-specific EA architecture are due to underpin more attainable vehicles. The next-gen CLA-class (illustrated at top) will ride on the MMA platform, and we expect it to look much like the concept presented last year (pictured above). It will offer both gas-powered and battery-electric versions. We even heard from Mercedes that the Shooting Brake version of the CLA could come to our shores.


The next C-class, meanwhile, will get the smaller version of the EA platform, dubbed MB.EA-S. The flagship-­worthy MB.EA-L platform will be the basis of the forthcoming replacement for the S-class and EQS, due in 2028. At the top, we’ll also see an electric SL in 2028, possibly with a Gullwing coupe sibling.

Expect the brand to slowly rid itself of its EQ-badged electric vehicles over the coming years. This aligns with previous reports that the company would abandon this subbrand as it became redundant with the broader switch to electric vehicles across the entire lineup.

AMG and Maybach

mercedesamg vision amg concept
Vision AMG ConceptMercedes-AMG

Mercedes-­AMG, meanwhile, intends to release the first of four high-­performance EVs in 2026. All will ride on the AMG.EA chassis, which will initially form the basis of sporty SUVs and sedans replete with a specially developed battery pack and electric drive motors. Mercedes previously released an electric concept called the Vision AMG that may give us an idea of how these models could look.

And at Mercedes-Maybach, future models will have greater design differentiation to add more substance to the bling. We previously covered the subbrand's plans to introduce "Myth" and "Legends" vehicles that will aim for even higher echelons of price, prestige, and exclusivity.

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