Mercedes Crashes, Explodes Into A Giant Fireball

Mercedes Crashes, Explodes Into A Giant Fireball
Mercedes Crashes, Explodes Into A Giant Fireball

Can you tell what model this is?

On the night of August 21, 2023 the driver of a Mercedes that was reportedly speeding down a road in Massachusetts made a critical error that ended in a giant fireball. Sadly, the 18-year-old driver perished in either the crash or the ensuing fire.

Mercedes pioneers drivers paying with their finger.

Where the driver crashed the road suddenly ended in a T or three-way intersection. It seems likely the driver wasn’t familiar with the road and so didn’t realize it was about to run out, sending the Mercedes careening into the woods beyond.

According to Scott Engle, who uploaded video of the aftermath to YouTube, flames from the car were shooting up to 60 feet in the air as firefighters first arrived, causing them to call for more trucks to put out the raging blaze.


Witnesses also told Engle that the Mercedes blasted past them at “an extremely high rate of speed.” We can’t quite tell from the mangled wreck what model this Mercedes was, however it sounds like the driver didn’t understand its performance capabilities or the potential consequences of unleashing them on public roads, particularly unfamiliar ones.

While plenty of people will want to mock the driver and say they got what they deserved, we acknowledge this was someone’s child. Yes, the driver made a poor decision that night and paid for it with their life, but to be honest at that same age we also did dumb things. For this reason alone, we advocate that parents not hand over the keys to genuinely fast, powerful vehicles to teenagers. They don’t have the experience or the maturity to understand how to properly handle them, at least in general.

Another sad detail of this case: in the footage we can see another memorial for someone who lost their life in the same general area. T intersections can be dangerous, especially for people who speed and don’t realize they’re coming up on the end of the road. Please be careful and reinforce that behavior with any young drivers.