Mercedes EQE SUV

mercedes benz eqe suv review 2023 01 tracking front
mercedes benz eqe suv review 2023 01 tracking front

When the world’s premium car makers started getting serious about electrification, they said there would be a thinning out of model ranges; a ruthless concentration on what buyers really wanted and a major reduction in model variants.

However, when that trio of deadly German rivals – Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz – made such comments, it always looked like lip service: we suspected they would go right on producing some models just because the others were doing it too.

So it appears with the new Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV: one big reason for its existence, not to mention size, price and spec, is surely that BMW is having evident success with its BMW iX flagship, and Audi with the Audi Q8 E-tron.


Which is not to say that this new Mercedes EQE variant is anything other than another fine luxury car from a distinguished stable of big cars. Spend a day with one and you will start wondering what other car could do so much so well. But the point is that this new tall EQE joins a list of Mercedes offerings so long that it continues to bewilder.

Thankfully, there’s something reassuring about the name of the company’s latest electric car. It’s an SUV version of the EQE saloon, so it has been called the EQE SUV – natürlich.