Mercedes unveils next stage of factory expansion

Mercedes has unveiled the plans for the next phase of its $87million (£70m) factory development that will create “a Silicon Valley style environment” for the team.

Recent investments have already moved Mercedes’ clean rooms, race bays, machine shop and subassembly workshops into state-of-the-art new facilities within the existing Brackley campus. Now, that team will move onto the next step that involves the purchase of adjoining land parcels to enable site expansion, including construction of “showcase facilities for employee health and wellbeing, new sustainability infrastructure and significantly improved vehicle flows” that will allow the majority of the campus to become pedestrianized.

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Mercedes only completed the outright purchase of the Brackley campus in 2022, and says the latest investment will lead to the creation of a new health and wellbeing centre, a marketing building at the entrance to the site that will allow the design office to expend in the main technical centre, and a brand-new parking structure that will include solar power supply to charge 70 electric vehicles.


Team principal Two Wolff says the regeneration of the site is required not only due to the growth of the team but also to prioritize the quality of the working environment and sustainability.

“Our campus was originally built to accommodate 350 people,” Wolff said. “Today, we are at 1,250. The development of the campus over the last five years was done at an astonishing pace. Now, what we are planning to do is to expand with multiple new buildings and creating a modern style campus. There will be breakout areas, restaurants, and a state-of-the-art gym and marketing building.

“This is all being done for our people. Here, form follows function, not the other way round. It’s all being done to create a great place to work and spend time. We want it to become its own little village, with all the amenities and benefits that you would expect from a Silicon Valley-style environment.”

Mercedes says the new buildings will also be net zero – powered by 100% renewable energy from onsite and offsite sources – and future-proofs the site for further expansion if required, while supporting the local community including shared use of the parking facility with nearby Brackley Town Football Club.

The factory investment has been ongoing since 2017, while elsewhere Aston Martin is set to move into its new factory in the coming weeks, and McLaren and Alpine have also been investing in facilities.

Story originally appeared on Racer