Meta Quest Pro will soon support WiFi 6E

The latest firmware update adds more parental controls and new auto-update features, too.

Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Meta will soon start rolling out its latest Quest firmware, and there's a particularly handy feature for Meta Quest Pro owners. The company's highest-end VR headset is gaining WiFi 6E support. So, if you have a compatible router and a fast enough internet connection, your headset will supports speeds of up to 1.6Gbps.

Faster downloads could come in useful for those who try another new feature, which will be available on all models (except the first one, unfortunately). After you install the v53 firmware, you'll have the option to automatically update all of your apps before the headset shuts down. Meta says this should help avoid having to wait for an app update when you pick up your headset again. This might only be truly effective for more ardent Quest users, though. If you tend to go a few weeks between VR sessions, you might still end up having to update apps when you put your headset on again. You can opt out of this feature from the power off dialog.

Elsewhere, there's another tool to help parents and guardians manage what teens can access in the Quest browser. The Quest Browser Website Category Filter is fairly self-explanatory. It can be used to block websites that fall under certain categories, such as gambling or hate and terrorism. The filters are tied to accounts, not devices, and can be set up from the parental supervision tab in the Quest mobile app.

Speaking of the Meta Quest Browser, it'll possible to watch Twitch there (unless perhaps a parent or guardian says otherwise). On top of that, Meta is moving some advanced camera settings it has been testing from the Experimental Settings panel into the core camera settings. Finally, users will at last have the option to record video with stereo audio instead of only mono.