New Mexico Police Officer Caught DWI With His Kids In The Car

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New Mexico Police Officer Caught DWI With His Kids In The Car
New Mexico Police Officer Caught DWI With His Kids In The Car

We often highlight the heroic acts of police in communities across North America and even elsewhere, but it’s important to also highlight when they behave badly. This recent report out of New Mexico about a Farmington police officer who not only was allegedly driving intoxicated but had his two kids in the backseat seems to be one of the latter, sadly.

Remembering the cop who couldn’t stop crashing.

As shared by KRQE, bodycam footage from deputies who responded to who they later found out was a fellow cop shows they suspected the man of DWI right off the bat. After all, the guy cut across all the lanes of traffic, damaged the side of his Jeep Grand Cherokee, and apparently just reeked of alcohol.


In the footage, he also seems so drunk he can’t stand up straight. Deputies helped keep the man on his feet, making it apparent why he’d had trouble behind the wheel. He later blew a 0.27 BAC, well beyond the state’s .08 limit.

Inside the Jeep, they reportedly found five empty containers of alcohol. Why the police officer decided to consume so much while out with his kids is what really disturbs us. He’s lucky he didn’t hurt of kill his children or anyone else.

We know everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty in court, so that’s important to keep in mind with this case. But if this off-duty officer is guilty of what he’s accused of doing, which the evidence seems clear but we’re not attorneys, we don’t think he’s going to be winning any Father of the Year 2024 awards. We also question what will happen with his current employment situation.

He’s been hit with several charges for the incident, including two counts of DWI with a minor.

Image via KRQE/YouTube

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