Michael Shank stepping back from strategy role

Michael Shank has been a fixture on timing stands since the 1990s, calling the shots for his racing programs dating back to his early days running cars in the Atlantic Championship. That practice continued when his team moved into the Grand-Am Rolex Series, and IMSA, and IndyCar, but as his responsibilities have increased outside of the competition department, the Ohioan has decided it’s time for a change.

Shank is set to take a step back in that race strategy role with the Meyer Shank Racing IndyCar team and hand those duties over to MSR’s George Klotz, who will take Shank’s radio and headset and lead the strategy for rookie Tom Blomqvist on the No. 66 Honda. MSR’s founder and co-owner won’t be missing from pit lane altogether, but he says it’s the right time to transition off of the frontline and into a supporting role when his cars are on track.

“I’ll still be on the stand on Tom’s stand with George, but George will call strategy, and I’ll be there to just support him,” Shank told RACER. “I’m not going anywhere. But I would like to see if we can make an improvement over me in that that department, and George has a lot of experience there with when he was at Andretti and some more teams he’s worked for.