The new Micro Machines are pretty tough to find right now

If you haven't heard the news yet, Micro Machines are back! The new versions of the classic toys can be found in some stores already, apparently, but it seems all but impossible to track many down online yet. Target claims to be shipping this Super Van City set for $49.99 right now, but it seems like most sites have the new sets on backorder until sometime in September. Regardless, that's not going to stop us from scratching the nostalgia itch. We found some solid eBay deals on some old-school Micro Machines that have us even more excited for the comeback.

Micro Machines #10 Corvettes - $35 at

There's something hilariously '80s about using a "buy 5 get 5 free" graphic on a pre-packed container that was always obviously meant to house 10 toys, but alas, that was what they went with. Weird marketing aside, this is a great pack if you want to get started on your Micro collection. As the name states, you'll find 10 Corvettes in this package. The seller states that the package is unused, unopened, and undamaged. You can pick up the pack for $35 right here.


Micro Machines Insiders Pocket Garage W/Micro Minis ‘80s Ford Mustang SVO Maroon - $17.99 at

Don't need 10 Corvettes? How about a pocket garage? The seller here did us a solid by placing the car on top of a U.S. Quarter (and a gold quarter at that — fancy) so you can really get a sense of just how small these things actually are. This kit features a maroon Ford Mustang SVO as well as, of course, the actual garage! This set is pre-owned and as you can see, isn't still in its original packaging, so what you see is what you get. That said, if the condition is good enough for you, you can snag this piece of Micro Machines history for just $17.99 right here.

Micro Machines Travel City Train Depot Playset w/ 4 Cars - $22 at

What's better than a measly little garage? A train depot, of course. This Travel City train depot comes with 4 cars and looks to be in great condition. This thing is so '80s it hurts, in the best way possible. If you're looking to roll around a mini train station you can do that for just $22 right here.

1980s MICRO MACHINES Plastic Toy Vehicles - starting at $6.50 at

Last but not least, we've got the best deal of the bunch, a random assortment of 11 Micro Machines. The seller is careful to note in the description that "I am calling them Micro Machines because some are marked as such and dated 1983/1988 and some are not marked ... but they all look the same. Each is approximately 1 inch or slightly longer and all are excellent condition." So if you're a collector and you only want true Micro Machines, maybe steer clear of this one, but if you're just looking for a cheap nostalgia fix, we're not sure there's a better deal out there! If you're interested, you can bid on the set (currently starting at only $6.50) or make the seller an offer to buy it outright, right here.

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