Military Veteran Has Bucket List Dodge Challenger Stolen

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Military Veteran Has Bucket List Dodge Challenger Stolen
Military Veteran Has Bucket List Dodge Challenger Stolen

A Marine Corps veteran was recently a victim of car thieves. But the Dodge Challenger they stole was a dream car for the man, something he said was on his bucket list. Now that dream is gone.

Veteran fired up after thieves take his custom Camaro.

The man and his wife stayed at a hotel overnight in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 13. He said he locked the muscle car and took the key fob with him. But the thieves broke a window, as evidenced by glass left in the parking spot, likely reprogramming the ignition before driving away.

He told CBS 17 the 2020 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack 50th Anniversary Edition was sitting on the showroom floor at a dealership. On his bucket list was walking into a dealership and buying a fantastic car sitting right there, and this was it.


The man only got to enjoy his dream ride for a few short years before someone else decided to help themselves to it.

What really sucks is this military veteran not only served our country and thieves still stole from him, he was in Raleigh to receive treatment for colon cancer. So these crooks stole from a veteran and cancer patient, although we seriously doubt they care one bit.

That’s why we think treating car thieves kindly only encourages them to steal more. While some government officials think people who steal vehicles are somehow victims of society, we strongly disagree. They are victimizing people like this veteran, plain and simple.

Since this is a unique Mopar muscle car, the owner saying it’s only one of about 70 of these 50th Anniversary Scat Pack Challengers in Go Mango Orange. So it should stick out.

We really hope this guy gets his car back in one piece. Please, if you know anything about it, contact Raleigh police so they can help this Marine Corps veteran keep living his dream.

Image via CBS 17/YouTube

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