Milwaukee Zoo Giraffe Baby Makes Goofy Faces as Gender Is Announced

Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County Zoo revealed on Tuesday, August 9, that the most recent giraffe calf in the zoo’s baby boom was a boy.

The baby giraffe, who was born on Friday, the zoo said, was the fourth calf of parents Ziggy and Baha.

The zoo reported the baby giraffe weighed 168.7 pounds (76.5 kg) and was just under six feet (1.8 m) tall during his neonatal exam.

Video posted by the Milwaukee County Zoo, which they said was filmed on Monday, shows the baby giraffe manipulating his mouth for a while and frolicking around the enclosure. The team described the calf as “strong, spunky, and curious about his surroundings.” Credit: Milwaukee County Zoo via Storyful

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