Minnesota Teens In Stolen Car Learn Physics The Hard Way

They’re lucky to have run away from this.

Two teenagers in a stolen crossover they used to run from the cops in Minnesota learned about physics the hard way recently. Thanks to their lack of driving skills and scientific knowledge, they ended up driving the stolen vehicle off an overpass, landing on the side of the freeway below.

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As you can see in the video, the teens were really hot dogging it in a vehicle you’d normally see a grandma use to get groceries. They probably stole it because it was easy, but crossovers don’t make for the best getaway cars in all honesty.


To make matters worse, it’s snowy outside and the streets are at least wet if not icy. We know this is the case a lot in Minnesota so perhaps the teens didn’t think much of the conditions. However, they probably played a part in the crash.

In the video, it’s stated the chase reached speeds of up to 94 mph. We don’t think the crossover was going nearly that fast as it entered the turn from the freeway off-ramp to the overpass bridge, but it was still going at a pretty good clip.

Unfortunately, the tires weren’t providing enough traction, the brakes weren’t slowing down the rotation of the wheels enough, and the weight transfer in the crossover wasn’t happening quickly enough for the driver to even sort of stick the turn. The crossover just kept going almost in a straight line, hit the curb, launched into the air, and tumbled over the side of the bridge.

Somehow, not only were the teens unhurt, they both got out and ran away in an attempt to escape from police. We wonder if they even realize how lucky they are to not be dead or paralyzed, but likely they were just upset they got caught after a foot chase.

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