Missing Motorcyclist Found In Ditch Days Later

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Missing Motorcyclist Found In Ditch Days Later
Missing Motorcyclist Found In Ditch Days Later

Back on October 15 a Tennessee man who left on his motorcycle that morning to get breakfast at McDonald’s simply disappeared without a trace. Friends banded together to look for Taylor Boyle, who had departed from Fountain City and was traveling toward Heiskell when he vanished.

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By October 17 Boyle’s family reported him as missing, prompting the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to launch an official search for the man. But with his phone off and not pinging cell towers and no sign of his bike, the trail was growing cold.


However, a group of the man’s friends were determined to find him. Convinced he was lost in the woods, as friend Cameron Williams told local station WBIR, they kept combing the unbeaten path by the road Boyle might have taken. However, their search was turning up nothing, the same as officials as they looked for clues.

Searching one last turn on the road as the sun went down and temperatures began dropping, the group of four friends on the evening of October 17 spotted a motorcycle as their flashlight beams swept over a ravine by the road. Immediately they recognized it as Boyle’s.

Miraculously, the injured man had survived almost three days in the ravine without food or water. And while he’s going to struggle with recovering from his injuries, Boyle’s friends were starting to brace for finding him dead, if they found him at all.

We hear of these kinds of incidents both with motorcycles and cars that have run off the road and nobody can find them. In our opinion this makes the case for having a GPS tracker on your vehicle and sharing that info with at least one other person. Not only could it help you find your ride if it’s stolen, it might help save your life one day.