Modified BMW 550i Smokes Arkansas Troopers

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Modified BMW 550i Smokes Arkansas Troopers
Modified BMW 550i Smokes Arkansas Troopers

We’ve well established that in the right hands, a Dodge Hellcat is pretty much impossible for cops to catch. But that kind of speed isn’t exclusive to Mopars, as is clearly displayed in this pathetic attempt of a police chase involving a modified BMW 550i.

Mustang thief shows the police how to drive.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a 550i has a thumping 4.4-liter V8 pushing plenty of horsepower to rocket the Autobahn-friendly sedan forward with ferocity. Think of them like almost a German Hellcat, if you must.

This Arkansas trooper sees the Bimmer fly past him as he was sitting on the side of the interstate. Probably hoping to catch up to the suspect and catch him off guard, the trooper gives chase but doesn’t turn on his lights and sirens.


But as traffic thickens up the trooper has to flip both on, making it obvious to the 550i driver that he’s in pursuit of someone, leaving the suspect to guess that someone is him. That’s when the BMW takes off, exiting the interstate and trying to lose the trooper through some turns.

The trooper, however, spots the suspect’s vehicle and the chase is back on. But it’s not much of a chase as you just get to see the trooper keep going, eventually pursuing a ghost. He pushes the cruiser to about 140 mph on a two-lane road with no divider, which seems pretty risky, although the trooper does seem to exhibit excellent high-speed control.

Another trooper encountered the Bimmer going the opposite direction as the trooper was preparing to turn left, but the suspect angled around him into oncoming traffic. That’s when we hear what’s at least an aftermarket exhaust on the German car.

We’ve covered the infamous Blackout Charger several times before. It now seems this modified BMW 550i might be giving that outlaw Mopar a little bit of competition for the top bandit to embarrass ASP.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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