Modified Dodge Hellcat Police Car Will Catch You

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Think you can outrun this kitty?

Running from the cops is dumb, but what’s even dumber is thinking you can gap this 1,080-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat police car. Recently shown off by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the highway patrol car could conceivably keep up with most supercars if they wanted to run from the law.

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As you might have guessed, law enforcement didn’t buy this modified Hellcat. Instead, it was a seizure made in Harris County after the owner tried running from the cops. We know there’s plenty of controversy about police seizures of private property, and we don’t know the circumstances around this one, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Some people are freaking out about how this Hellcat is pushing way more power than a Dodge Demon. Quite frankly, we’ve always felt the Demon was a huge letdown after all the buildup about how incredibly powerful it was going to be. We’ve felt the same way about the “Last Call” Chargers and Challengers. Dodge could easily push a production Hellcat to this kind of power level, even if just for a very limited-edition model, but we’re willing to bet the powers that be at Stellantis and before that Fiat Chrysler don’t like the idea for some dumb reasons.


This police Hellcat is a black and white car, although it’s only the hood and roof that are white, which is a cool look. It’s also a slick-top with the lights mounted on the cabin side of the windshield as well as in the grille, fenders, and rocker panels. We especially like the lights in the hood scoops – such a cool addition.

Usually, when law enforcement agencies acquire these kinds of performance vehicles they use them almost exclusively for public outreach events. However, Texas Department of Public Safety says this is part of the fleet of patrol vehicles, so this Hellcat will be out on the front lines.

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