Mom finds camera husband hid in bathroom to record children, California cops say

A wife turned her husband in to police after finding a camera hidden in the guest bathroom, according to California police.

She called police on March 8 and told them that she’d found a “covert video recording device” in the guest bathroom of her home and feared her husband had “nefariously recorded their young children using the bathroom,” according to a news release from the Redding Police Department.

Detectives got a search warrant for the device and found more than 900 images of child pornography on it, the release says.

“The videos showed children and adults using the bathroom who did not appear to know they were being recorded,” police said.

Officers arrested the 34-year-old man during a traffic stop on March 16, according to the police department. He is charged with counts related to possession of child pornography and “the surreptitious recording of an identifiable person who was undressed,” the release says.

McClatchy News is not naming the man to protect the identities of his children.

Redding is about 160 miles north of Sacramento.

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