Monterey Police Issue 135 Tickets During Classic Car Week, Stay Busy Monitoring Roads

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With engines revving and classic cars parading the streets, the annual Monterey Classic Car Week is a spectacle to behold.

Yet, the event is not just a gathering for car enthusiasts, manufacturers, and caterers; it's also a significant event for local law enforcement. This year, the Monterey Police Department tripled its officer deployment during the three-day event from August 17th to 19th, making 211 traffic stops and issuing 135 citations.

Record Speed in Lighthouse Tunnel

One incident that stood out was a car clocked at a startling 94 mph in Monterey's Lighthouse Tunnel, where the posted speed limit is 35 mph. Law enforcement officials employed radar guns to monitor the quarter-mile-long tunnel near Cannery Row, one of the busy arteries during the car week.

A Busy Friday Night

During the single day of Friday alone, officers pulled over 86 vehicles, issuing 57 citations. In addition to the tickets, police made two arrests on Friday, three on Thursday, and five on Saturday, totaling ten arrests. Eight vehicles were also towed over the three-day period.

Prepared for the Rush

"We were prepared," stated Monterey Police Lt. Jacob Pinkas in an interview with the Monterey Herald. "Obviously we saw an increase in traffic, but we also had an increase in officers. The week went as expected. We've been doing this for a number of years now."


Lt. Pinkas added that while most people were law-abiding, some seemed to treat the event like a road race. "There's just an increase of people, and while a vast, vast majority of them are driving to dinner and not violating rules, for whatever reason, some view Monterey Classic Car Week as a road race rather than going to Laguna Seca," Pinkas said.

Neighboring Carmel Faces Similar Challenges

The situation was not unique to Monterey; neighboring Carmel saw its share of traffic violations during the same period. Carmel Police made 141 traffic stops from August 11th to 21st, wrote 75 traffic violations, made two arrests, cited two DUIs, and received 20 calls for service regarding reckless driving.

Sgt. Jacob Clifford of Carmel Police Department noted that the community feedback had been overwhelmingly positive. "We've gotten really good feedback from the community as far as us controlling the fun," Clifford said. "Everyone felt safe and like events maybe were more in hand than they ever had been before."

Community Response

With increased law enforcement presence, both communities aimed to ensure safety and adherence to traffic laws, a goal seemingly achieved according to community feedback. As car engines cool off and the spectacle of the Monterey Classic Car Week wraps up for another year, the efforts of the local police force have been pivotal in ensuring the event was both fun and safe for everyone involved.

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