Mopar City: A Time Capsule of Classic Mopar Greats

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It awaits rediscovery in Illinois.

Tucked away in Oregon, Illinois, there's a treasure trove that seems straight out of a classic car lover's wildest dreams. Dubbed the "Mopar City", it challenges the stereotype of junkyards being the final resting places for decaying vehicles. Instead, it offers a nostalgic journey through the bygone era of automotive wonders.

It's easy to walk into any modern-day car exhibition and marvel at well-maintained classics. But to truly appreciate the raw history and potential of these vehicles, one must venture to places where they silently await their renaissance. Places like Mopar City.


Diligently explored by the YouTube channel "Auto Archaeology", Mopar City isn't just any junkyard. It's a sprawling expanse where the legendary B-body and E-body Mopars stand tall, albeit a bit weather-worn. These classic car legends, ranging from the Dodge Dart and Polara to the iconic Plymouth Fury, are not just reminders of a golden age but are symbols of the innovative spirit of Chrysler's heyday.

The B-body platforms have an illustrious history. They came alive during the 60s, breathing life into beasts like the Dodge Charger, Super Bee, Plymouth GTX, and Road Runner. These weren't just cars; they were roaring road legends. As you walk through Mopar City, the whisper of the NASCAR-spec Charger Daytona and Superbird seem to echo around.

But, the glint in the eye of any Mopar enthusiast might come from the E-body collection. This was Chrysler's daring experiment, a platform that existed only briefly from 1969 to 1974. It gave birth to the third-generation Plymouth Barracuda and the Dodge Challenger. Their rarity today amplifies their allure, and in this junkyard, they stand waiting, including some rare R/Ts and 'Cudas.

While some of these silent giants might have seen better days, many still retain their original charm. With a bit of polish, love, and restoration, they can rule the roads once again. The best part? For those with a keen eye and a heart for restoration, Mopar City is open for business. A reservoir of B-body and E-body parts, or perhaps even a classic in need of a little TLC, awaits its next chapter.

So, if the idea of resurrecting a classic beauty from the past excites you, Mopar City in Oregon, Illinois might just be your next pilgrimage. For in its rust and wear, lies tales of a roaring past, waiting for the next twist in their story.

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