Mopar Junkyard Hides In North Carolina

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Just how many of these are there?

It seems like every time we turn around, someone’s stumbling across yet another private junkyard full of Mopars, often somewhere in the hills of North Carolina. That’s exactly what Auto Archeology, one of our favorite YouTubers, has brought to us yet again and it sure is a treat. Not only is it cool to see all the old iron strewn about, these Mopars are actually for sale.

Check out how one guy uses a Ram SRT-10 in his junkyard here.

Yes, you read that right, these cars aren’t owned by some old codger who doggedly insists he’s going to restore each and every one of the 200 rides he has sitting on his property by himself. The owner of this collection is looking to wheel and deal, but if you want to get the details you’ll have to reach out to Auto Archeology yourself. He does show the location at the end of the video and links to the junkyard’s Facebook page in the video description, so you know.


Right off the bat, you need to know all the 1968, 1969, and 1970 Dodge Chargers in the yard have been sold. Everyone wants one of those, so if you’re lucky enough to already own one, hold onto it in a really secure location.

You’ll notice there are plenty of other desirable options like the Chrysler 300, Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Dart, Plymouth ‘Cuda, Dodge Challenger, and so many more. Just watch the video and feast your eyes, because if you want to pick out all the classics shown you’ll be pausing the video and pouring over details a lot.

You’ll notice there are some non-Mopars scattered here and there, like the VW Beetle and Datsun Fairlady. But most of the rides in this private junkyard identify as Mopars.

Sure, these cars are rough, many with some surface rust, some with more. Body panels, taillights, interiors, engines, and other components are missing. But most look to be in solid condition. You might have to source parts elsewhere and perhaps drop in a crate engine or something from a junkyard, but you could really do something special with these rides.

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