These Are the Most (and Least) Popular Car Brands with Women

Photo:  Buick
Photo: Buick

A new study from S&P Global Mobility is taking a look at what vehicle brands are the most and least appealing to women. It broke down what percentage of each of the top 25 brands’ sales were female buyers, and there are not too many surprises on this list.

Along with the seven brands with the largest share of female buyers, the study also looked at the five brands with the smallest female buyer percentages. S&P found this data using 2022 vehicle registration information.

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On average, when considering all brands, 41.2 percent of any brand’s buyers were women. So, let’s take a look at who did the best and who did the worst with the people that make up over half of the world’s population.

1. Buick - 55 Percent

Photo:  Buick
Photo: Buick

Right off the bat we have our women winner: Buick. According to the survey, that all has to do with the fact GM has put an extra focus on female buyers for this specific brand.

“The majority of the OEMs now have a minority dealer organization, but GM takes it a step further: They have a Women’s Retail Network,” Marc Bland, chief diversity officers at S&P said.

2. Mitsubishi - 51.4 Percent

Photo:  Mitsubishi
Photo: Mitsubishi

The study says that on average, female buyers are more likely to be loyal to a certain brand. On average, Mitsubishi comes in second place in this category at 7.6 percent.

3. Mini - 51.1 Percent

Photo:  Mini
Photo: Mini

If you are wondering which brand came in first place for female brand loyalty, look no further than Mini. S&P Global says 9.2 percent of women buying Minis are repeat customers.

4. Lexus - 50.4 Percent

Photo:  Lexus
Photo: Lexus

Slightly over half of all Lexus buyers are women. Not too shabby!

5. Infiniti - 49.6 Percent

Photo:  Infiniti
Photo: Infiniti

A little under half of all Infiniti buyers are women. Slightly more shabby!

6. Mazda - 49 Percent

Photo:  Mazda
Photo: Mazda

Tell your drunk uncle that Miatas aren’t girls’ cars. They’re women’s cars.

7. Kia - 49 Percent

Photo:  Kia
Photo: Kia

Way to go, Kia! Sadly, Hyundai didn’t make the cut.

Least: Dodge - 33.9 Percent

Photo:  Dodge
Photo: Dodge

Ah, here they are. The cars women don’t buy. It’s because they are sensible people unlike me (I love the Challenger).

Least: Tesla - 33.1 Percent

Photo:  Tesla
Photo: Tesla

If mansplaining was a car, it would be a Tesla. No surprise here.

Least: Ford - 31.1 Percent

Photo:  Ford
Photo: Ford

Ford is reportedly the only full-line automaker (read: doesn’t just make trucks and body-on-frame SUVS) with a higher loyalty among men than women. Quite a fete from the blue oval.

Least: GMC - 28.7 Percent

Photo:  GMC
Photo: GMC

S&P says that the reason you’re about to see the following few companies at the bottom of this list is because of their reliance on trucks. I suppose that makes sense.

Super Duper Least: Ram - 17 Percent

Photo:  Ram
Photo: Ram

Have you ever been less surprised by the results of a study? There’s no chance. From the jump you should have known that Ram would be at the bottom of this list.

I will say this though: my mom really liked the TRX when I tested it last year. However, my girlfriend and sister hated it.

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