These Are Your Most Prized Toy and Model Cars

Image:  Ow!MyBack
Image: Ow!MyBack

If you like cars or, frankly, anything, it stands to reason you might want a little mini version of that thing to decorate your home or office with. Earlier this week we asked you to share the most prized toy or model car or car-like object in your collection, and you delivered with tons of great answers. Like this black SRT Viper that user Ow!MyBack’s wife proposed to them with.

That’s pretty much impossible to top, but we’re going to try anyway. Let’s go!

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Image:  dhunt
Image: dhunt

Got this McLaren F1 from Goodwill for $10 several years ago. It is my favorite.

My uncle had the very same Maisto 1/18 scale model of the McLaren F1 that user dhunt has in their collection. It was navy blue or black, but I remember falling in love with it as a kid, because it looked just like the car from Need For Speed II.

Submitted by: dhunt

With a Steering Wheel on the Top!

Image:  dustynnguyendood
Image: dustynnguyendood

One of my favorites is this Corgi VW “Driving School” that came with a set of cones. I had one as a kid, literally drove the tires off of it and found that Lego tires were a serviceable replacement. I recently spent 30 bucks and bought another off of ebay. Its on my desk and I play with it regularly still.

Now that I think about it, there are a few old toy cars from my youth that have long since disappeared, that it would be cool to find again on eBay. My wallet hates you for this brilliant idea.

Submitted by: dustynnguyenood

To the (LEGO) Batmobile!

Image:  LEGO
Image: LEGO

If I were to stretch the definition a bit, it has to be the Batmobile from the Lego Batman Movie. What I love about it is that it’s a 100% accurate replica to the one in the movie, since the movie model was constructed using actual Lego bricks and assembly. That means it’s to scale and everything!

If I had to give a more boring example, it’s the Back to the Future Part II DeLorean, for the reasons everyone else in history has already stated for loving the DeLorean.

LEGO 100 percent counts, also the fact it’s exactly the same as the one in the actual movie is delightful.

Submitted by: KBABZ

I Want One Immediately

Image:  dodge_viper
Image: dodge_viper

My most prized diecast is a pre-production Matchbox Dodge Viper RT/10 based on the 1989 concept car. Chrysler didn’t give it the go-ahead, and Matchbox re-used the casting as the “Sunburner.” It’s estimated that there are fewer than 25 of these pre-production Vipers in metal.

The Dodge Viper was my other favorite car as a kid when I wasn’t fawning over the McLaren, and I would’ve killed for a red one with rubber wheels, just like this. Too cool.

Submitted by: dodge_viper

Well Done!

Image:  jbird_27
Image: jbird_27

My Tyrrell P34 model kit I built during the peak of the pandemic. Really proud of this one and even have it in a display case.

I envy your meticulous handiwork and attention to detail, jbird. That looks phenomenal. One time I tried building a model the hard way, and all I remember is glue oozing out of every seam, glue that wouldn’t come off my hands, glue on the desk. So much glue.

Submitted by: jbird_27

The Doctor Would Approve

Image:  KTM empties ATM
Image: KTM empties ATM

I built a 1/24 kit of that same Stratos a few years ago, although it’s not my most prized model. I bought the kit while on a work trip to Japan, and was pretty stoked to get it. I elected to build it without the light pod, and the headlights down to show the essential Stratos shape.

Most prized would have to go to the 1/12 Rossi Hawaiian NSR500, raced at the 2001 Italian MotoGP. Last year of the factory 2 strokes, Rossi’s first title year in the top class, and the only race he ran with a special color scheme that year.

Good to see another Stratos stan, but let’s showcase a pic of KTM’s model of Valentino Rossi’s NSR500 from The Doctor’s first premier class-winning year. Very tropical indeed.

Submitted by: KTM empties ATM

The Wind in Your Hair

Image:  DGUTS
Image: DGUTS

Fewer than 6,000 Cabs delivered worldwide - pretty surprised I found this in Germany! And a pin!

Always had a soft spot for the 944, and though you’ll need to follow the link to see it, the pin DGUTS got with it would look mighty fine on any bomber or backpack.

Submitted by: DGUTS

The 917 That Other 917s Tremble in Fear Of

Credit: Duck Duck Diecast via YouTube

It’s probably my 1:18 Porsche 917/30 by Exoto. Haven’t had it out of the box in a while, thought I lost it after my last move. Looks like they’re going for quite a bit more than I paid these days.

I also love when people spot the 1:18 Grumman F6F Hellcat looming on top of my refrigerator.

SWITAWI attached a video of the same 917/30 that they have. Any 1,600-horsepower Can-Am monster deserves a rightful spot on any shelf.

Submitted by: SWITAWI

Mean Green Stock Car Racin’ Machine

Image:  jimjamjojo
Image: jimjamjojo

2003 Action Collectibles 1:24 Bobby Labonte #18 Monte Carlo “Hulk” paint scheme. Limited to 504 total units.

The fact it’s sponsored by the weird Hulk movie makes it all the better.

Submitted by: jimjamjojo

These Are Technically Cars

Image:  Dake
Image: Dake

Look, Transformers count — they’re sometimes cars. At least, I think these are Transformers. Apologies in advance, Dake.

Submitted by: Dake

Planes Count Too

Image:  Mike Freer via Wikipedia
Image: Mike Freer via Wikipedia

Not a car but a Pan Am Boeing 707 Freighter model that sat on the shelf of my colleague’s office for over 35 years until he retired and bequeathed it to me.

It sat on my desk for desk for several years until i decided it was too fragile to risk someone on the cleaning crew knocking it off my desk.

The model is at least 50 years old at this point and is tucked safely away from harm. I am thinking about donating it to a museum.

When there’s a good bequeathing story behind the model in question, that makes it even better. In lieu of the replica itself, here’s an image of an actual Pan Am-liveried 707.

Submitted by: Earthbound Misfit I

Four for the Price of One Slide, Which Is Free

Image:  Scramboleer
Image: Scramboleer

Similar to other commenters, we enjoyed a homemade car play set too. Back in the late 70s, Mom made us kids a play town and streets out of various pieces of felt with sponges for buildings. So many awesome memories with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.

Fast-forward to today and here are the four favorites:

1930 Ford Model A pickup which was our sole family “car” in the mid-to-late 70s. Dad took the bus to work. Mom piled us three kids in there.

1996 BMW M3 and 1997 Porsche Boxster as “thank you” for some summer internships in Germany during college.

1955 Willys Wagon which is the closest model to the 1964 Willys Wagon in the garage today.

Our three kids have played with all four of the models shown so they are dinged and missing a few parst. That’s a good thing. Want them to be exposed to cars, trucks, and things that go and not see them as “off limits.”

That’s the way it should be. Also, love that Boxster concept.

Submitted by: Scramboleer

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