Motorcycle Monday: Antifa Declares War On Oregon Motorcycle Clubs

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This isn’t going to end well…

Back on Saturday, July 16 members of Antifa followed through on vows to try disrupting a gathering at the HonkyTonk Bar in Salem, Oregon. The result of the far-left group’s actions is what some are predicting to be a war between them and several motorcycle clubs throughout Oregon. If that sounds to you like a confrontation which would be wise to back away from, you’re not alone. What happens next could be ugly.

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Originally, Antifa groups began rallying members and supporters to join a “counter demonstration” for the “Take Action Tour” event being held at the HonkyTonk Bar. They characterized the venue’s gathering as “racist” and catering to both “fascists” as well as “white supremacists.” That event was marketed by the bar as “Hero Appreciation Day” complete with a dunk tank, bike show, eating contest, live music, bouncy house, family-friendly karaoke, free hot dogs, etc.

When Antifa showed up in black bloc, their numbers were very few. Still, they used a megaphone to draw attention to the gathering across the street from the bar. Eventually, several patrons made their way over to confront the demonstrators. Arguing turned into shoving, mace was deployed by an Antifa member, then the group retreated away from the establishment entirely. Taking on biker clubs usually doesn’t end well for the opposing party since they fight back unlike moms driving their kids through downtown Portland or Christian parents holding a concern in a park, something those Antifa who showed up learned quickly.

According to several Twitter posts from accounts journalist Andy Ngo says are Antifa members, the group which confronted them was the Free Souls Motorcycle Club. The one percenter motorcycle club might not have the household brand name of the Hells Angels, however its roots run deep. Founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1968 there’s considerable controversy over the details of its foundation, history, and what its aims are today. Regardless, Antifa seems poised to take it and other one percenter motorcycle clubs on in Oregon, promising for a confrontation like they’ve never seen.

White Rose of the Willamette Valley used its Twitter account to complain after Salem police didn’t protect their fellow Antifa members during the confrontation. It said Free Souls and “other uniformed security” both “attacked and injured community members peacefully protesting” without supplying details or other evidence. Unlawful whatever on Twitter claimed “one of ours” was hospitalized from the fight, retweeting a different person claiming “Salem police literally backed away” when the Free Souls came out to confront them. Another Antifa account proceeded to dox several people involved in the confrontation, tagging their supposed employers as well as releasing other personal details.


It's not like Antifa is unfamiliar with physical confrontation. Per Andy Ngo, one of the organizers of the demonstration at the HonkyTonk Bar was arrested in 2021 after allegedly hitting a female police officer. Ngo claimed another in attendance plead guilty the week before for doing over $164,000 in damages to a courthouse.

Nobody knows for sure what comes next in this feud, but some purported Antifa members took to Twitter to either voice their concern for the group’s trajectory or encourage others to push forward in that direction. One person warned Oregon motorcycle clubs are “highly organised (sic) and relentlessly violent and have vast networks you don’t understand.”

Check out video of the fight across the street from the HonkyTonk Bar (warning: language and violence).

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