Motorcycle Rider Learns Wet Pavement Is Bad For Fleeing Police

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Motorcycle Rider Learns Wet Pavement Is Bad For Fleeing Police
Motorcycle Rider Learns Wet Pavement Is Bad For Fleeing Police

Flashing red and white lights on a motorcycle quickly caught the attention of an Arkansas trooper, proving that if you want to get pulled over just use something like that on your bike. The bad decisions made by the rider didn’t stop there. When the trooper tried pulling him over, this guy decided to go for it in the rain, showing everyone he skipped riding lessons.

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First off, something we notice in so many police chase videos is how suspects leave their turn signal on, sometimes for miles. This guy does it too. It could be they’re super nervous. It’s also possible they think the cop is going to get faked out and think they’re turning. But it’s also a possibility these geniuses are like the old lady in the Buick who does the same thing after leaving an uproarious bingo game.


That’s not all that makes us think this guy doesn’t really know how to ride. Like so many novices, he doesn’t get weight transfer, something which if you’re going to ditch the fuzz you might want to master first.

He also handles the bike like he’s the stiffest person on the planet. Maybe it’s the nerves because a cop is trying to pull him over and he’s made the poor decision to run, but the result is his lack of fluid control makes the motorcycle behave in jarring ways.

But by far the best part of this rather short chase is how the rider PITs himself after flying through an intersection. It’s obvious from the trooper’s dashcam the crossroad is crowned, so the suspect might have caught some air. That in turn caused him to lose control. Had he been looser he might have stuck the landing and kept going no problem. Stiff-arming it didn’t work out so great.

So remember kids, don’t run from the police. But if you are going to run from cops on your bike in the rain, you better be a damn good rider or you’re going to eat pavement like this genius.