This Motorcyclist Is Lucky To Be Alive

This Motorcyclist Is Lucky To Be Alive
This Motorcyclist Is Lucky To Be Alive

How did he survive this?

Conventional wisdom states that in a car crash, you don’t want to be the one on the motorcycle. A scary crash in Malibu, California seems to throw a monkey wrench in that theory after a motorcyclist was involved in a scary accident he didn’t cause, yet the driver of a car was the one killed.

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If you watch the included video, it’s easy to wonder how the motorcycle rider survived. A stolen car blasts through an intersection, T-boning a truck which is going the opposite direction as the stationary rider. That collision sends the truck spinning and rolling. The last image we see from the motorcyclist’s helmet camera is the bed of the truck barreling down on him, a ladder flying out of it.

While the rider survived, he didn’t walk away unscathed. The man told a local reporter he has broken ribs, a collapsed lung, plus damage to his right foot and arm. While the guy obviously feels lucky to be alive, he’s in excruciating pain and is facing a mountain of medical bills. He even started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs.


This is what’s so scary about riding motorcycles on today’s roads: you can be incredibly cautious, do everything right, but someone else can still cause you great bodily harm. Sure, the same is true if you’re in a car, truck, or SUV but at least you have a safety cage around you. On a motorcycle, you have your helmet and thick clothing, but that’s it. Thankfully this rider survived by some miracle, but we can imagine his path to recovery is going to be long and painful.

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