Motorcyclist Takes Florida Highway Patrol For A Ride

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Motorcyclist Takes Florida Highway Patrol For A Ride
Motorcyclist Takes Florida Highway Patrol For A Ride

Despite lane splitting being illegal in Florida, this rider does it anyway, blasting past a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper before he even realizes his mistake. He was also speeding, but he apparently thinks the trooper didn’t notice his violations because he just settles right in among some cars in the left lane and plays it cool.

Watch a motorcyclist go flying in a horrific road rage incident.

But the trooper absolutely notices and starts following right behind the biker, switching on his lights, and that’s when the chase is on.

We don’t endorse or recommend running from law enforcement, but if you’re riding and decide to do that, you better know your motorcycle well and have solid mounted skills of you’re just asking for trouble.


As this guy pushes the envelope on his bike, he starts to find out not only just how capable of a machine it is, but also just how capable of a rider he is.

He has no problem gapping the trooper as he twists that throttle, the sun and bug guts on the cruiser’s windshield making it hard to spot him at times on the dashcam footage. But another red light slows him down, the trooper almost catching entirely up.

But the guy nails it again, then decides to cross the grassy median and doesn’t eat it. From there he blasts down a side road and takes two turns in rapid succession, probably hoping to lose the trooper. But he doesn’t know how to take turns all that quickly and so his pursuer has no problem keeping up.

Perhaps sensing that skill alone won’t save him, at least not at his level, he decides to up the ante even more and starts going the wrong way. That move, risky as it is, buys him some cushion, but at this point two troopers are hot on his trail.

For whatever reason, the suspect slows down and starts motioning to the lead trooper. Everyone can debate what kind of sign language he was using, but this allows the second trooper to pull in front of him and that’s when the guy really kicks things up a notch, going wrong way at speed, but that doesn’t get him any further ahead.

Any sane person would’ve realized by now that fleeing was a fool’s errand, but this guy’s ego seems to rule his decision process as he blasts down another side road, pulling the same tricks over and over while showcasing his mediocre riding skills.

This eventually catches up with him as the guy tries his luck on a dirt road and eats it. Just like that, the troopers are on him and the chase is over.

The lesson here is don’t run from cops. This guy looks old enough to know better, but he reportedly had a permanently revoked license, so he likely thought running was his only option.

Image via Florida Heat/YouTube