How Much Would You Pay for a 905-HP Lotus Emeya?

2025 lotus emeya
Lotus Emeya Will Be Porsche-Level PriceyLotus
  • Lotus is continuing its electric-vehicle transformation as it announces pricing for the pricey, four-seat GT car known as the Lotus Emeya.

  • Starting at $116,000, Lotus' 905-hp touring car will go as high as $165,000, though production timelines and precise numbers for the US market are yet to come.

  • To make this Porsche-level price tag worth it for prospective buyers, Lotus is including things like carbon-ceramic brakes and massaging seats.

"Electric cars do not have to be boring," explains Feng Qingfeng, CEO of the Lotus Group. "We are combining our rich sports car heritage with the latest cutting-edge technologies to redefine what it means to drive an electric vehicle."


We have also found that electric cars are, in fact, not boring, especially when they're done right. But it seems this kind of stirring, electric driving experience comes at a cost—a high cost most often. As pricing is revealed for the 2025 Lotus Emeya, it appears the company's initial entrance into the EV market will be typically pricey, too.

2025 lotus emeya
Lotus says the hatchback has a capacity of nearly 18 cubic feet, barely beating out the Porsche Taycan.Lotus

In fairness, the Emeya is a performance beast, boasting 905 hp and 725 lb-ft of torque plus a 0-60 mph time akin to the Koenigsegg Gemera. Indeed, this level of performance is bound to run up development expenses, but just how much will the Emeya cost prospective buyers?

True to its British heritage, Lotus has only revealed pricing for the United Kingdom and European Union markets. Even so, these prices provide guidance for what US consumers can expect. Splitting the Emeya lineup into three trim levels, the entry-level Emeya will start at €106,4000, or around $116,000.