How Much Power Does The Hennessey Venom 1200 Really Make?

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Buckle up for a shocking dyno result…

Ford had a dream over 60 years ago when they first began production on the Mustang. With a small body, lightweight frame, and great engine options, it’s easy to see that dream revolves primarily around performance. Fast forwarding to today, these cars are some of the most violently powerful automobiles on the market. Especially when discussing the GT500, it’s easy to get pretty heated about the cars. However, Hennessey has a Mustang that blows all of the competition out of the water.

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As you can see in the video, this is the Venom 1200, a tribute to every speed loving racer. Without a doubt, it’s laying down some wild numbers just based on the sound. However, it’s hard to tell exactly what sort of power it’s pushing at the wheels. This is because 1200 stands for 1200 horsepower, likely measured at the crankshaft. So, what is really up with this fire breathing pony car from one of the worlds most promising aftermarket creators?


Well, things started up pretty good at first but then the really good stuff started. A bellowing roar poured out of the exhaust pipes as the Mustang screamed through its tachometer. When all was said and done, the Dyno results read over 1,000 horsepower and nearly 800 ft/lbs of torque. That’s enough to make even the most experienced enthusiast take a pause in disbelief and respect. Altogether, Hennessey did what they have always set out to do, build badass cars. loves Hagerty Drivers Club and we’re sure you will too. For just $70 per year, members enjoy six issues of the award-winning Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, unlimited access to Hagerty Valuation Tools, answers to any and all automotive questions from Ask Hagerty, VIP perks at events across the country, exclusive automotive offers, 24/7 emergency roadside service and so much more. What’s more — it’s a great deal. Using just one or two of the Drivers Club benefits easily pays for the cost of membership for the entire year. Need new tires? Automotive event tickets? The most up-to-date vehicle values? Hagerty Drivers Club has you covered. Ready to ride? Join the club.

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