Multiple Award Winning 1967 Corvette Big-Block Is Selling At Mecum’s Glendale Auction This Weekend

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With a 427 under the hood it'll be pretty hard to beat.

In 1967, the Chevrolet Corvette was considered to be the prime example of performance on the American front. How could you really blame them? Models like the one shown in this listing have enough horsepower and torque to even be some of the newer cars of today. In fact, the l71 engine package in four-speed manual transmission alone is enough to get enthusiasts out of their seats and curiously poking around the car. However, it certainly isn't the only thing to pay attention to with this vehicle. Here's everything that makes this Corvette the epitome of speed.

First of all, you can't mention an American car without telling what is under the hood, in this case, that's a 427 cubic inch V8 engine that is capable of putting out  435 horsepower. That is a crazy number considering that the new Corvettes come with about 490 from their base model. On top of that, you also have to factor in that these cars only weigh about 3,000 to 3200 lb which means that this car has a wild Power ratio which is more than capable of keeping up with newer vehicles. In fact, one of the only things a modern-day car might have an advantage in is gearbox design. Well, that would be the case if this didn't have a four-speed manual transmission and a 3.55 rear-end gear ratio.

It's important to know that the entire Powertrain is also considered to be numbers matching which is pretty insane when you realize the car is nearly 57 years old. After all that time you might expect a ton of miles to be placed on the odometer but in fact, only 72,869 are featured. That means that, while the car is well out of its breaking., it doesn't have too many miles and most likely won't have many issues due to where. If you were a Corvette Enthusiast looking to get behind the wheel of something really special, and still have a taste for speed, then purchase this car and you'll never regret it a day in your life. The only problem you'll ever have is deciding which side of the car you like standing at to listen to the side exhaust.

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