Murder of Sheila Bellush, Sarasota mom of quads, featured on CNBC series, 'Blood & Money'

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Sheila Bellush and Jamie Bellush hold their quadruplets at their home in San Antonio, Texas in 1996.
Sheila Bellush and Jamie Bellush hold their quadruplets at their home in San Antonio, Texas in 1996.

On Nov. 7, 1997, a 13-year-old girl arrived home after school to find her mother with a gunshot to the head, her throat slit and two of her mother's 2-year-old quadruplets crawling in her blood.

The CNBC show “Blood & Money” is featuring an episode on the Sarasota murder of 35-year-old Sheila Bellush. The episode, produced by “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf, aired on Tuesday and is available to watch on CNBC, CNBC Prime or Peacock.

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Bellush divorced from her ex-husband, San Antonio millionaire Allen Blackthorne, in 1989 and had a messy custody dispute over their two daughters (She had her quadruplets in her subsequent marriage to Jamie Bellush). In 1997, Bellush moved to Florida, where she was killed six weeks later.

She was last seen alive by her husband, James Bellush, who was at work during the murder, and her daughter, who was at school.

Four days after her murder, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office announced that Jose Luis Del Toro, a 21-year-old Texas man, was wanted for first-degree murder. Officials said he stayed at a Sarasota hotel the night before her murder, and his fingerprint was found on her clothes dryer.

What is the timeline of the Sheila Bellush case?

Although Del Toro had fled to Mexico, on November 17, 1997, authorities were able to arrest two San Antonio men, Daniel Alex Rocha, 29, and Samuel Gonzales, 27, for helping plan Sheila Bellush’s murder.

By Dec. 16, 1997, a Texas grand jury indicted Gonzalez and Rocha on one count of solicitation to commit capital murder, accusing them of hiring Del Toro to kill Sheila Bellush.

Dec. 17, 1997: Sarasota prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty against Del Toro, opening the door for his extradition from Mexico.

Aug. 23, 1998: Rocha accused Blackthorne of initiating the plot to harm Sheila Bellush. He said that the plan was to scare her, not to kill her.

Nov. 6, 1998: Jamie Bellush filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Blackthorne, accusing him of initiating the plot to kill Sheila Bellush.

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July 6, 1998: A 12-member jury found Blackthorne guilty of murder-for-hire and domestic violence charges, and in 2000, he was convicted.

Blackthorne died in prison in 2014. Del Toro, Gonzales and Rocha were all sentenced to life in prison.

Following the murder of his wife, Jamie Bellush moved to New Jersey with his quadruplets and one of Sheila's daughters from her marriage to Blackthorne. A second daughter lives with a relative in Oregon.

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