Muscle Car Driver Shot Dead By California Deputy

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Muscle Car Driver Shot Dead By California Deputy
Muscle Car Driver Shot Dead By California Deputy

A chaotic scene unfolded in Bellflower, California recently, leaving a suspect dead and a deputy injured. You can also see the classic Pontiac Ventura ended up on top of a Lakewood Sheriff’s Department cruiser.

New footage casts doubt on who was at fault in a famous road rage incident.

According to multiple reports, the suspect threw his classic muscle car into reverse suddenly after the deputy pulled up behind him. That’s how the Pontiac ended up on the cruiser’s hood.

Then, the man allegedly got out of his vehicle and advanced on the deputy, who was injured in the crash, while holding a knife. That’s when he was shot dead.


The injured deputy was transported to the hospital and treated for injuries sustained in the crash. Nobody else was injured, although witnesses interviewed by local media seemed shaken.

According to ABC7, that suspect had been accused of violating a restraining order for the mother of his children. The accusation is he drove past her residence, at minimum, but we’re not sure if he did anything else.

When you drive something distinct like a classic Pontiac Ventura, you’re going to be easy to notice. We guess the suspect either didn’t think about that or didn’t care. Perhaps he wanted to be noticed to intimate his victim.

Obviously, all wasn’t well with the guy considering his sudden, violent response upon the arrival of law enforcement. The deputy pulled him over in Long Beach and that’s where the whole chaotic scene erupted.

Authorities didn’t name the suspect, only saying he was 35-40 years-old. We have no idea if he has a history of violence, although the restraining order might be an indication of his past behavior.

Image via NBCLA/YouTube

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