Muscle Cars Stolen In Australia

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Muscle Cars Stolen In Australia
Muscle Cars Stolen In Australia

Car thefts continue to be a problem in many areas of the world and Australia certainly hasn’t been an exception. While thieves might sometimes target common cars since they’re familiar and in demand, they also tend to focus on rare, valuable models like these two muscle cars stolen in Murray Bridge.

Someone tried to sell a cop car.

According to South Australia Police, the theft happened sometime between Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17. We’re guessing it likely went down in the dead of the night, a favorite time for thieves to strike.

Both the blue 1978 Ford XC Falcon and black 2009 Holden Commodore ute were sitting inside a locked shed located on Kepa Road when someone broke in and took both muscle cars. They’re distinct vehicles, so police are hoping someone knows about this crime and where the rides have been stashed.


While we want to spread these images around to see if anyone has seen these stolen vehicles, we also want to remind readers that thieves likely want their cars as well. Sooner or later they’ll strike, which is why taking steps to secure your rides now is key.

The victim in this case at least had the muscle cars in a locked shed instead of just sitting outside. However, the type of lock and doors on a secured building matter considerably. Adding motion sensor lights and cameras can help deter thieves and provide police with images of the thieves if they still steal your ride.

You can also add extra security to your car, like a kill switch or alarm. We recommend putting at least two trackers on it, one being fairly easy to find and the other hidden well. If you have a truly collectable vehicle like these Australian muscle cars, that’s not overkill.

Sadly, even if you take all the “right” steps someone might still steal your car, so be sure to have it insured against theft.

Images via South Australia Police

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